5 Most Popular Cars In Australia

cars in Australia,

If you ever walk on the streets of Australia, then you will find the most impressive cars. And there are all types of vehicles, from luxury to adventurous. So if you also dream of having a car in Australia, this blog is for you. We have shared a list of five cars along with their features.

Toyota RAV4

This car is number one on the list. For the new year, RAV4 continues to build upon its 25-year legacy of bold looks and impressive performance. RAV stands for Robust, Accurate Vehicle. This is because the model is more challenging than the older one. The body is 57% stiffer than the old rub force. This car is only available for petrol engines and not for diesel. This new model has a big wheel arch of 17 inches of alloy. All models have privacy glasses at the rear and roof bars. This car is fit for the Australian for everyday travel or trail-blazing adventure. This is a fifth-generation RAV4. It comes with 16 takes and two plug-in-hybrid grades. 

Toyota Corolla

 There is a reason why the corolla model has been the most exciting and compact car in Australia for years now. It offers quality, dependability, and reliability. Corolla has managed to blend easy-to-drive characters and futuristic designs. The new Corolla model is more dynamically capable and more technologically advanced. The models include the modern LE, the sporty SE, and the well-trimmed XSE. 

Mazda 3

According to the company, this model is designed to look like an animal ready to pounce. Starting with the back, you get a neat background. You get top models with LED tail lights. This car has a nicely designed cabin. The dash inside feels sporty. The gear panel has a separation in between. The infotainment screen is on the front of the dash, which is a good position. The Mazda 3 has the SEL and a wide-screen system with Apple car play and android auto. It also has Auto Emergency Braking to stop the car from crashing. And then it has automatic cruise control, a radar to keep your safe distance from the car in the front. 

Ford Ranger Raptor

This vehicle is for all truck lovers in Australia. This is for drivers as a whole, like off-road driving. This is also used to carry cargo from place to place. You get eight external color options to pick from. But the white one is going to cost you a lot. You get big for the logo on the front. Right above it, you get a small camera. And then down at the bottom, it has a set of rated recovery points and then beneath, there is a 2.3 mm thick steel plate to protect your engine. All these features are added for off-roading. So if you live in that type of area, this truck is the best option for you. 

Hyundai i30

This car is a total value for money. In this model, Hyundai has changed the rear bumper and given it new LED tail lights. Alloy wheel designs start at 16 inches and then move up to 18. The new infotainment system has a 10-inch screen. Hyundai has, given its what is called Intelligent Manual Transmission. So when you are driving along and lift off the accelerator, it decouples the gearbox from the engine to help save fuel.

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