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Get Cash For Wrecked Cars Melbourne & Same Day Removal

A significant accident wrecks the car and damages it badly. This makes it unworthy to drive again. And also damage the engine inside. This way, you cannot sell the parts. And over time, the wrecked car will turn into scrap and take the space in your garage. If you have a car that has been recently wrecked or one that has been kept for a while, sell it to us. We are trusted wrecked car buyers all across Melbourne. We will take all types of wrecked cars regardless of the condition. Moving the vehicle on your own can be difficult so we will do that on your behalf. We have advanced machines and trained people. It may take some time for us to remove the damaged car. But we can ensure that the process will be safe and secure. Now you do not have to worry about how I should sell my car for cash in Melbourne. Because now you know where to go. If you want to sell wrecked car for cash within the same day, call us at 041385019 and talk to our customer executive. Or, if you want to get a free online quote, then visit our website.

How To Sell Wrecked Car For Cash in Melbourne

sell wrecked car for cash

Step 1

For quick and safe wrecked car removal, the first step is to contact us. You can call us directly or visit the website and submit your number there. Our executive will get in touch with you. This conversation is all about the exchange of information about your car. We will ask for some basic details such as the make and model of the car. This way, we can give you a free price estimation of your car. We have a team of experts that have handled all types of cars, and they can give you the price offer within 30 minutes.

Step 2

Book a free pickup with us when you decide to take our offer and deal with us. This is another free service for our wrecked cash for car companies. We request you share the address of the car’s location. We offer our services across Melbourne and are only one call away. You can pick a date at your convenience. Please tell us which day you are free, and we will come at the right time. In case of an emergency, we can reschedule the date for you.

Step 3

The final step is to remove the car and make the payment. Our wrecked cash for a car is simple; we do not make any deal in the payment. We operate with a proper plan and trained staff. This is why we are one of Melbourne’s top wrecked car buyers. We handle all types of cars with care. The damaged cars need a special car because they are difficult to tow. When we have your vehicle, we will pay you on the spot. 

We Sell Any Car For Cash 

Used Car Buyers

Unregistered Car

It’s not legal to drive around used cars, so it’s better you sell it and only we will offer a reasonable price.

Junk Car

Junk Car

Sell the car now of no use and take up your garage’s space as junk.

Accident Car

Accident Car Removal

Sometimes, selling your accidental car is challenging, but not with us. We also deal in accidental cars so if you have one contact us now

We Buy all Wrecked Vehicles

You do not have to go elsewhere to sell your wrecked car because we will take all of them. No matter how much damage the old car is, you can sell it to us, and we will give you the most competitive price. Along with cars, we buy SUVs, UTEs, Trucks and vans. We offer our services all across Melbourne. So sell wrecked car for cash within the same day. 

We Accept all Make Model

Get Instant Cash for Wrecked Cars

Step 1

The first step to selling the wrecked cars is to talk to us. This is essential because we will help you find the current market value for your wrecked car. Share some basic details of your car. Our team will record all this information and give you a free quote for your wrecked car. You can either take the offer or leave it. But you will have the price value of your wrecked car.

Step 2

Now that you want to sell the car, tell us when we can come to pick it up. This means that you have to book a free pickup with us. Share your address from where we have to remove the car, and our team will reach out to you. 

Step 3

Now that we have your car on our truck, we will pay you what we have decided. We pay what we have promised. Our on-spot quick payment makes us the leading wrecked car buyers in Melbourne. Call us today to sell the wrecked car for cash within the same day.

We Will Pay Cash For All Types of Wrecked Cars

We take all types of wrecked cars and pay top cash for them. You can sell it to us from regular four-wheelers to big UTEs and Vans. And the price evaluation for all of them will be the same. We have been in this business for years and have helped thousands of customers get rid of wrecked cars. We understand how difficult it can be to sell a wrecked car alone. Also, keeping it in for a long time in your garage is not safe. Sell it to us today. Call us on 0413850159 and get a free price evaluation for your car. Also, for more detailed information about our wrecked car for cash company.

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